High Performance

High Performance Homes.

Decker Homes is proud to be a green leader in the homebuilding category. A 'DECKER' certified home is not only a smart investment, but a home that offers better performance when compared to older homes. We strive to make every 'DECKER' home a high performance home because we know what's important. By encouraging efficient energy usage and reducing waste, you'll see LOWER ENERGY BILLS and a higher quality of life. Simply put, high performance is high on our priority list!

Green Leader.

We pride ourselves on being a leader on the "go-green" front. We have been building energy efficient homes from the beginning dating back to 1981. We're always trying new green products and processes and making changes as better practices and materials come along. Decker Homes is proud to be a green 100% ENERGY STAR BUILDER!


Added Confidence.

We want you to feel comfortable in your new home, confident that the highest standards and top-of-the line materials were used to build it. A building science expert certifies your home and ensures all high-tech products are properly installed. Your 'DECKER' home is durable, comfortable, safe, healthy, responsible, and efficient. And with your Decker Homes team backing up these qualities, that's something you can be confident in!

Better Performance.

At Decker Homes, the highest quality of all facets of a home are expected and delivered. Your new home will be more comfortable and durable and offer better indoor air quality than older or used homes. Every piece of your 'DECKER' home, all of its parts and products, work together as an integrated system. As such, you get high performance on a system-wide scale. Your whole house, working as one!